Monday, 23 January 2012

We have ALL the weekends!

It annoys us how the weekend always goes so fast! We make all these nice plans and we hardly ever follow through with them. For example, our plan this weekend was to get up early on Saturday morning and go to Manchester. That's as far as our plan got, which didn't happen. Although this did...

The wine which was suppose to be for a quiet night in turned into...

Drinking too much wine and ending up looking like this at a house party. Serious face, for a serious party!

All in all it was a fun night, we had a laugh after the hassle of actually finding where the party was, more importantly where the host was! After finally getting to a house which had a party going on we got chatting to some friends and randoms. We always think that the unexpected nights out are the best. We actually enjoyed ourselves more that what we thought that we would.

The next day however was not so fun! A splitting headache, a blurry haze of what had happened the night before and wanting to eat everything and anything that could be cooked in a microwave. Our breakfast on Saturday morning was a little less than traditional, half a microwave cheese burger each, micro chips and micro pizza's. (Anthony: "This being the extent of cooking ability!") We have all the food! Even though we felt disgusted it did the trick and our hangover's were cured! It was quite the eureka moment.Who would have thought that greasy food and hangovers go well together(?)

The hunger grew as Saturday went on. This did end in a lovely evening, we went to Frankie and Benny's and had a lovely meal out just the two of us. It was a really tasty meal but the portions are HUGE! Next time we know not to have a starter. 

 This was such a tasty dish, it was spaghetti with a tomato based sauce with seafood. Hannah is such a sucker for seafood, she loves it! We don't think she will ever get bored of eating it. Lucky for her, she is going out with a fish mongers son!

Anthony after being defeated by his massive double cheese burger! (Anthony: "Oh dear, this must be what pregnancy is like.") 

The Sunday turned out to be a rather quiet day. Boring documentaries... relaxing on the couch... toast. We did end up disgracing ourselves further with a trip to Burger King. At one point we were unable to look at ourselves in the mirror. Such slobs we had become. With a final trip back to Anthony's house and a short dose of relaxation, the day seemed through. As mentioned before, the weekends always travel so fast and before we know it, we part ways. Although, we know that the next weekend we spend together will be even better than the last, you never know we might actually stick to the plans originally made :D

We have all the wine!

The local boozery

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