Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Anthony's Introduction

Hi There, its looks like we get two introductions in this blog. I bet you are jumping with glee at the moment!
Anyway as the previous post was created by my other half Hannah, we felt that it was only fair that I create my own little introduction. I am Anthony.

There, we’re done.

Hmmf, I guess not. Well, I am the Data Management side of the “Nursing and Data Management”. I will admit, I am the boring one in this relationship. When the girlfriend comes home with a story about a man and a ping pong ball up his bum, the best day I’ve got is “I set up an excel sheet to provide a comparison of income and expenditure, which in turn allows for a further drill down of information and performance.” How awesome is that (!)

Me and Hannah at Halloween. She looks dead... tired.

It’s not all boredom and sleep for me though. I have my interest and opinions. I did karate for a good 7 years, though I don’t go anymore. I enjoy my video games (as does any other man in this world) and I love to mess around with computers in any way possible.

As Hannah will be updating you on such things as music and cooking, I’ll be covering subjects such as gaming and even my development on programming. I’m sure there are a handful people who are actually interested in these subjects somewhere on the internet (!)

 Assassins Creed is a particular favourite in the gaming category, but there will be more!

I guess I should put in my New Year’s resolutions like Hannah did just to top off my first post.
1.       Get back to the gym and eat healthier (A classic).
2.      Learn C, C# and C++ like the back of my hand (only basic info at the moment).
3.      Walk More.
4.      Save more money.

My post is a little smaller compared to Hannah’s first post as she explained everything pretty much first. She is the talker in this relationship. When I talk, even I zone out.

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