Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Be kind it's my first entry...

As I am new to this whole blogging thing I thought I would start by introducing myself. My names Hannah, twenty one years young and enjoying my life. I have been with my lovely boyfriend for nearly nine months now and it has by far been the best nine months of my life. There is some debate of the offical date when we started our relationship as it was late at night, niether of us remember if it was after midnight. We have settled on the 28th of April as we didn't want to clash with the royal wedding.

 I am a newly qualified nurse, I gained my Nursing Diploma in July 2011 and I love my job (even if I do moan about going to work sometimes)! I love horror films along with my Sega Megadrive and Nintendo 64, I'm a nerd at heart just not an up-to-date one. I have a recent obsession with the Moomin's I really can't get enough of them. Anthony bought me a Moomin cookbook for Christmas and I've hardly put it down since it was opened. Cooking like the Moomin's really should be safed as a treat though as most of the food within it contains loads and loads of cream!

Along with my career and my nerdy obsessions, like any girl I enjoy shopping, I love a good bargain. I have fantastic friends and just generally enjoying my life. As it's still new year-ish I have some goals I would like to achieve before 2012 is over (if the world doesn't come to an end).
1) Move out of my parents house
2) Try to get another job (I'm a part-timer at the moment)
3) Book a holiday, somewhere sunny would be lovely
4) Buy a new car, as much as I love the Betty (my Renault Clio) she is getting a little old
5) Like any girl I'd like to try and lose a few pounds
6) Get back into the routine of swimming at least two times a week
I should be able to manage this if I stay focused, they say getting started is the hardest part and I totally agree. Compared to mastering a Rubix cube and my third year of university this should be easy. We'll see..