Tuesday, 24 January 2012

We have all the dvd's!

Just to clarify this is Hannah blogging today.

Right, on the weekend Anthony and I decided to watch a scary film. We chose Insidious (2010), which has a 6.8 rating on IMDb, I think that's a pretty fair statement. As a horror movie buff this one made me jump quite a bit and played on my mind afterwards. In saying this it wasn't the really messed up bits of the film but this old lady...

Why this scared me? I have no idea! She looks fake, like something you would see in Disneyland Paris' Haunted Mansion. This old woman is one of the first of the sprits, demons, or dead people whatever you want to call them in the film. The film starts off great, jumpy and unpredictable. The main story line is about a little boy who goes into a 'coma' and then all this freaky shizzle starts to go down in their house. In my opinion it was similar to Paranormal activity in the way that the story carried itself. The first half of this film like I say was really good to watch not many horror films these days have a massive fear factor but are just plain silly. Insidious had classic horror film features, such as tension building, bad guys, creepy mysteries and epic music; in fact I haven't heard such scary music in a long time.

As the film went on it just got silly! Apparently sprits get into your body when you have an 'outer body experience'?! There's a scene when they have a sort of... Séance, I never knew that a gas mask was needed for this! The effects are good although not realistic (if that makes any sense) from a graphics viewpoint in my opinion they are pretty good. Comparing these effects to Freddy Kruger (2010) in the blood and general looks of characters, the realistic factor isn't there in Insidious.

I feel like I'm ranting, but all in all if you fancy a good scare one night I think this would be a fantastic option, just be prepared for a little sillyness in the second half of the film. Even though I feel the film had it's down sides, horror films seem to be few and far between lately especially in the coming year and you have to take what you can get. Personally I think that nothing compares to a classic horror film Halloween being on my one of my favourites alongside A nightmare on Elm street. If you are a wimp with scary films I wouldn't reccommend that you watch Insidious as it's a jumpy one and little bit of a mind boggler.
If you do decide to brave it, let me know what you think guys :D


  1. Gary left nail marks in my arm when we went watching this... :P x

    1. I must admit I was jumpy. I just can't believe how silly it got though. Such a good start :P x