Saturday, 22 September 2012

We went to all the pubs!

Last weekend Anthony and I visited Manchester and whilst we were there we thought we'd give a boutique pub a shot, to say the least it very over the top with the decor. It had chandeliers, tall leopard print and zebra print chairs, and bling everywhere!
Looking slightly tired
 If I'm honest I think my expectations were a little high, we sat down and ordered some food, pretty bog standard menu, similar to a chain restaurant, average price, tables were tatty and I got the impression this pub was trying to be something more than what it was. It cost us over £10 for two drinks and being in the city I expected drinks to be a little more expensive than normal, but being cooped up in the forest for so long I think I've forgotten city prices.
We ordered some food and to my surprise they had gotten my order wrong and I got a mezze plate with hummus, olives and pitas. I didn't mind as I'd originally asked for just a few olives to nibble on. If I was going on a night out in Manchester I wouldn't mind starting at this joint, I imagine it to be pretty cool at night; you'd just have to remember to take plenty of cash!

All in all our day out in Manchester was lovely, I actually didn't want to get the train back to Anthony's I wanted to stay out and dance the night away. We did a little shopping and then just chilled out for the rest with coffee and a few drinks. When we've got a bit more spare time I'd like to spend it in Manchester, just for a change of scenery, and explore the city a bit more. Next week though we have all the time we want to explore Somerset and the West Country and we all know what that means! Real cider! Which up north is shocking for, I mean seriously, Strongbow and Bulmers is not proper cider, I'm going to show Anthony a proper pint as soon as we get to the West Country, he'll never want to drink Strongbow ever again hehe.

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