Monday, 17 September 2012

We have all the wedding parties!

Last weekend Anthony and I, along with our friends went to celebrate the marriage of Eddy and Jessica. They got married in America (as Jess is American) earlier in the summer and finally Jess' visa was issued and she has now moved to the UK. As we couldn't be there on the day so, they organised a garden party to celebrate with Eddy's family and friends.

The theme of the night was red, white and blue for both nationalities flag (UK and USA). I think most people it was more of a coincidence with the colours they wore, but everyone looked lovely.

It was lovely evening, and it was great to see everyone for the first time in ages! Ed and Jess had a fantastic evening which is the main thing; Jess makes a fabulous cake too! Everyone ate, drank and was merry. Myself probably a little bit to merry, I apologised to Ed who said it just added to the entertainment of the night. Really do need some more nights like this, something about a wedding that puts everyone in such a good mood. I'll leave this one short and sweet, unfortunately because I'm terrible with a camera I got photos of everyone except the happy couple. I'll leave you with a few photos I did get; I'll try harder next time.

Me and Anthony

Josh and his new boyfriend

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