Saturday, 18 February 2012

We have all things vintage!

This weekend I visited an antique, collectable and vintage fair in hope of finding some bargains. I did! It was so busy and to be honest I found it quite frustrating not being able to get a good look at the items which were for sale. Although I found something’s I really liked some to the items in my opinion were just junk, but you know what they say someone else's junk is another’s treasure which in my case today was true.

My total buy £10.50

I am always up for finding a bargain, and today I am definitely pleased with what I found. Everything is in great condition, usually at these kinds of fairs as expected some items can be a bit worn and something’s are pretty much ruined. Even though I have hundreds of bags I don't have any like this and couldn't leave them behind wondering if I should have bought them. The red handbag is nice and spacious and plenty of compartments to organise everything in which in all honestly as a woman it doesn't matter how many compartments there are everything will get lost as it is a woman's handbag. We can never find keys or our phone amongst all the other junk we carry around on a day to day basis. The Athens bag I loved just as it's nice and casual and just a bit different. It's made of a blanket material and based upon a 1970's design although I'm not sure if it is from that decade, either way I love it.

My broaches

The broach on the right is an authentic 1950's gold broach, bargain at £3.50 the lady on the stall had a huge box of them! I thought it was a bit quirky but not to 'in your face' vintage chic look, by no means am I a vintage chic, I just have an interest in it and like some vintage items to match 'my style'. I'm not sure what my style is, I just tend to wear what I like and what I think looks good at the time. Both of these broaches though would go brilliantly on my winter coat, even though winter is nearly over in England I'm never quite sure when I'll have to put my coat away for the next year! The broach with the bird I also liked just because I like gold and I have a thing for birds on jewellery, I have many necklaces and have a thing for the birdcage design which has become quite popular over the last year or two.

1970's purse

This purse I saw and just couldn't leave it! I needed a 'new' purse anyway and really loved this one as soon as I saw it! I love the fabric design on it and the fact all my cards and money fit nicely inside without the worry of them falling out. This is probably my favourite item of the day all I can say is it's beautiful.

There was a huge collection of household items along with the fashion at the fair and living with my parents actually came in useful as if I lived on my own I think I would have spend and bought so much more. I can't wait to use my new items and put them to the test.


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