Tuesday, 29 May 2012

We have all the fancy dress!

During July Anthony and I have a couple of fancy dress parties to attend, one being mine and the other being his sisters. His sister's party theme is the Oscars and mine being the 80's. I love fancy dress and think my 21st was the first un-themed party I'd had in years!

I've been looking at dresses for ages for the Oscars party and finally bought one yesterday, even though it's more of a cocktail dress and not a ball gown it's a very pretty dress. It looks lovely on and quite summery.

The pretty dress I bought yesterday

I've bought some accessories to go with it just to try and glam it up a bit. I've got a purple sparkly hair band and a silver/grey pashmina which matches my bag and shoes I already have. My jewellery on the other hand is still undecided but I've got some time to plan. I think it's going to be a lovely evening, and everyone's going to look gorgeous, I'm hoping there's going to be lots of dancing too!

My fancy dress admittedly not so classy, the 80's terrible hair and clothes but great films and icons were created in this time. My personal favourite would have to be Madonna and Back to the future, all of them!

Best film of all time!

I've already got my costume as I used it for a party last year, I'm going as a Ghostbuster, I've got my jumpsuit ready just a few more iron on transfers and it will be complete!

This will look even better in July

I'm looking forward to my night out, it's in Bristol and after a few bars the plan is to head to an 80's night club which is pure cheese. Even if we do change our minds on the night, if the company's good which I'm sure it will be the night will be epic. Roll on July!

We have all the parties!

Like any girl I love going out and just dancing the night away, having a few drinks and gossiping with my friends. That was how this night was supposed to turn out. I love Bristol, especially for going out and thought that Laura's birthday would be like our student days.

I went out in Bristol for a friend's birthday a couple of weeks ago which I had been looking forward to for ages! It was going to be so nice to see all the girls again, since we all moved out of our student house I don't think we've all been together since, so this will be lovely occasion. Although this isn't how things turned out, one of my friends caught a sickness bug, and during the night everyone seemed to be falling out so most of them headed home about 1am. Me, Anthony and two of our friends stayed out but that was it. Why everyone fell out I have no idea! All in all despite the drama, I had a fantastic night, visited a few bars, one really rubbishy club and then hit the Cooler which is an 'indie' nightclub in the centre of Bristol, one of my favourites from my student days.

The Cooler night club and live music venue

If I knew I was going to end up in The Cooler I wouldn't have bothered with dressing up all nice, to wear jeans and Converse would have suited me just fine. I would have been able to perfect my dance moves, these days heals and dancing for me just isn't what it used to be. It's more like a close call in accident and emergency for a broken ankle.

The night for me went really well until we'd all had too much to drink, everyone got a bit crabby and Anthony told me off for pinching someone's bum, this was just a joke to make them think it was Josh who'd pinched their bottom. Anthony didn't see it like this at the time. It's all in the past now and we have just laughed about it since.

Josh, me and Anthony

I do feel I'm starting to get old though, we finally got in about 4:30am and had to drive home the next day, the next morning was horrific, I just couldn't move. My hangovers are getting much worse with my age. I've decided to stop drinking so much on nights out maybe add a few glasses of water just to ease the pain of the morning after. To this day I don't know if Laura enjoyed her birthday, in all fairness I didn't see her most of the night, maybe the next time she goes out everyone will get on and just stop arguing over nothing!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

We have all the getaways!

I have been meaning to blog for ages! Admittedly I am two weeks late to blog about this particular subject. Anthony and I had been together for a year at the end of April and what better way to celebrate by going away for the weekend and sharing a bottle of bubbly and of course some steak, which of course I cooked. Nom nom nom...

We stayed in a little apartment which was attached to the owner's huge farm house and I mean huge! It was massive and the amount of land they had, you could have spent a day exploring their garden, it even had a brook running though it! They had the cutest little lambs too, they were pets of the owner as they needed to be bottle feed, they would come and bleat at our door, they were just too cute to shoo away. 

The Bridge over the brook to get to our apartment

North Wales was definitely not what I expected, I'd never been before, I only live twenty minutes from South Wales and I'm not going to lie, it's really not my favourite place to go and the accent goes straight through me (no offence to any Welsh people). The north was a complete contrast of this, hardly any Welsh accents to get on my nerves, the area was lovely, and extremely pretty.

We spent a day at the seaside which was amazing, really was my lucky day. They had a games arcade which is my weakness I spend so much money in them and hardly ever win anything. I really do get addicted, on the bright side though it wasn't all wasted I won Smurfette on a grab machine and won so many tickets I lost count but did win me a Hello Kitty mug. We also got some sweets and played on some of the video games in there and finished off with a coffee.

My Smurfette toy

We had some adventures in the mountains and ate at a really nice fancy-ish pub, the food was gorgeous. Although trying to find somewhere to eat on a Sunday afternoon was a total mission! I mean most pubs serve food all day don't they? Not in North Wales they don't, if you're a minute after 2:30pm, that's it no food for you. Don't worry we did eventually find somewhere to eat, we didn't starve.

The Mountains really were something I had never seen anything like it before in my life. It was beautiful, the pictures that we took just don't show how fantastic the view was. Despite the terrible wind and rain we braved it and it really was worth it, there are no words to describe how beautiful the view was.

Anthony fighting the wind and rain on the Mountains

The view, this picture really doesn't do it justice

Of course a well deserved coffee after freezing in
the mountains

All in all despite bad weather it was a lovely weekend and I wish we could have them more often but realistically with saving money for the future and my plans of moving out, they are few and far between. Maybe it's a good thing we don't do it every often as this way we can truly appreciate the time we have away without anyone bothering us. Our next trip we've got planned is to Somerset in September for a week and we've got a hot tub, I cannot wait, but until then it's just getting on with general life things. Obviously we'll do things on the weekends we do spend together. I would definitely recommend spending some time in North Wales though, really worth a visit, I've never seen anything like it ever!