Wednesday, 21 November 2012

We saw all of Billy Talent!

On Monday night me and my good friend Josh headed to Bristol to see Billy Talent, I saw them when I was 15 so the night was bringing back some good memories. I was ill over the weekend so unfortunately I didn't have quite as much energy as I would have liked but as soon as they started to play my energy came back!

Square head rocking out

I liked the set list as it mixed up all four albums, I'm not so familiar with the newer material but the old stuff never gets boring! The gig generally had a good atmosphere with both young and older fans in the crowd, I didn't manage to brave the mosh pit due to the fact that it was full of testosterone filled boys (I think they would have pushed me straight to the floor!).
Bad quality photo -
Lead singer

I would recommend anyone to go see this band if you like rock/emo/punk/screamo music they newer material may sound more mainstream but it's pretty catchy. The band put on a good show, getting the crowd involved which I find is always a good way to keep and entertain the fans, telling jokes a little bit of Billy Talent trivia. I'll leave you with the set list and a joke told by Billy Talent on the night.

Josher and I

 Set list:
  1. Lonely Road to Absolution
  2. Viking Death March
  3. Devil in a Midnight Mass
  4. This Suffering
  5. Line & Sinker
  6. Love Was Still Around
  7. Rusted From the Rain
  8. Saint Veronika
  9. Surrender
  10. Runnin' Across the Tracks
  11. Diamond on a Landmine
  12. Man Alive!
  13. Cure for the Enemy
  14. This Is How It Goes
  15. Try Honesty
  16. Devil on My Shoulder
  1. Fallen Leaves
  2. Surprise Surprise
  3. Red Flag
Billy Talent Joke:
There was once a bear and a rabbit in the woods and the bear was taking a shit. The bear turns to the rabbit and says do you mind when you get shit on your fur? The rabbit replies, no, so the bear picked up the rabbit and wiped his ass with him.
Probably the best picture of the night
Hope you've enjoyed my blog, here's a little bit of music to give you a taste of Billy Talent.

Fallen Leaves 2007


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