Thursday, 1 November 2012

The house hunt is over!

After over a year of living back at home with my parents I have finally found the most perfect house to move into! Admittedly it's a house share but this way I can continue to save money and perhaps by the time I'm thirty have my own place but that's a long way away and I don't want to plan quite that far ahead yet.

It's a lovely house, three storey, a lovely bathroom and shared living room and kitchen. When I walked in the door I had a feeling that it was somewhere I could call home. People who I spoke to about moving out said when I found somewhere I would know it was where I wanted to live. I always wondered how you knew, but I just did and I'm glad I made the decision to put the deposit down and I just can't wait to move in. My rooms amazing, I've got my own little sitting room and for the first time in my entire life a double bed!

Shopping for new things will be exciting I've got my eye on a few things already these are just a few...

Pretty cushions fro next that would fit in great on sofa or even my bed I haven't decided yet all I know is I'm going to own then soon.
Handy storage pyrex dishes
Along with having my own space, I'll have a shorter commute to work and be closer to my friends, the distance between Anthony and I, has been cut by ten minutes less in the car. I know this isn't a brilliant improvement but I mean we've done nearly two years of long distance so a little bit longer won't hurt.

I just can't wait to move in, my move in date is the 20th November so I'll keep you posted, I'll also keep you updated with any more cute buys for the big move.

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