Thursday, 31 January 2013

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I'd like to start this post by apologising for not blogging for what feels like an age, and I am going to try my very best to do more regular posts.
So brief summary of the last two months, I moved out, started my new job, found out my friends having a baby, Christmas (of course), lots of nights out and more recently some good cooking!

My new house is awesome, I love it and my housemates are all lovely, since I've moved in three people have moved out but obviously the rooms have been filled, the ratio of girls to boys is 4:2, it's quite a change from when I moved in (4 boys and 2 girls). Unfortunately I haven't got any pictures of my house or my room so very soon I will post some pictures, my room is huge which is great as I have so much stuff! Hereford's not the most exciting city but I've got a great group of friends here, I'm no to far from home if I needed to go back and the countryside is right on my doorstep.

New job is great, much more intense than what I was doing before, definitely a good career choice.
Intense nursing
 Over the weekend one of my good friends told me she was having a baby, I'm so excited for her. Totally unexpected even though I really should have pieced together the signs, no drinking, not coming out as much, generally a bit quieter than usual and of course the story that she's told me a while ago, most people would have just figured it out. She's not showing yet but I'm sure soon it's going to look like it grew over night.

I'll leave a few pictures of my nights out in December and I promise to start blogging more often again.
Country dancing Christmas party

Night out with Anthony

Christmas weekend

Same dresses!
See ya laters...

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