Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Salmon fishing in the Yemen

One of the best films I have seen in ages! I really enjoyed it, a proper British delight, not surprising as it was produced by Channel 4 who very rarely creates a bad film.

I expected to be watching a film that was going to make me sob all night and use up a whole box of tissues; a proper romantic drama, not what I got at all. Don't get me wrong there is an element of romance throughout this film but it's subtle and doesn't necessary create the main story line. The characters are likable but slightly predictable but the subjects touched on are very much current and easy to relate to real life. The recession is mentioned throughout the film along with the war in Afghanistan, the treat of terrorists and religion.

This film has something for everyone, comedy, charm, romance, politics, drama, violence and a good story line and screen play. This really is a feel good film, another hit for Channel 4.

I'm going to cut this post short just purely because I'm not well but watching Salmon fishing in the Yemen definitely cheered me up.

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