Monday, 18 June 2012

We saw all of Blink 182

On Friday night I went with my friends to watch Blink 182 in Manchester. I wasn't overly excited and to be honest I never thought they were that good, so I drank a bit too much cider and the evening passed a little bit quicker. What got me the most was that everyone seemed so young! I mean they are actually children and admittedly I am used to going to over 18 venues so I never have to deal with this occurrence. It really did make me feel old and put me off the whole night, don't worry I do have some positive things to say about the night.

See look at the smile. It wasn't all bad!

Blink 182 were supported by Twin Atlantic and The All American Rejects. I've seen Twin Atlantic a couple of times before and they never disappoint. They seem to be making their way up the ladder pretty damn quick and before we know it, they're going to be a household name (I can hope anyway). The All American Rejects were alright, quite standard and the lead singer definitely had Tourette's Syndrome. I've never heard someone swear as much as he did. They took be back to be my youth of being a teenagers again, I used to love them. Although now, I feel I am too old and it just didn't seem quite right.

Explains it's self really...
The thing that really impressed me and this may sound really dumb; to be honest I don't really care. One of the members of the band had his birthday on Friday and instead of have a birthday cake, he had a birthday ham! I would much prefer a birthday meat, I mean I'm not massively keen on cake anyway and with meat you can do other things with it (if you wanted too),you could even turn it into birthday curry. I'm starting to think celebratory meat could take over the cake. It will become tradition to have meat instead, but anyway on to the main event.

I never had high hopes for Blink 182 and usually this makes gigs better but unfortunately Blink were still pretty pants and I won't recommend going to see them unless you are sixteen. I mean it took me back to my teenage years for about five minutes then I would notice how young everyone was and how rubbish Blink 182 actually are. I mean the comedy is very adolescent and the singing really isn't great, I mean Tom Delonge sounds like a child himself. What really irritated me was the fact that the kids who were there in their Blink 182 t-shirts and hats, didn't even know Dammit, my mum probably knows Dammit. I don't think these kids even know how dance or start a mosh pit as there was hardly movement down in the standing area; I always find that's the best part about the gig!

Blink 182

On a positive note to the concert, the stage was set out really well and the back drop was really artistic, a bit emo but I can handle that. All the band were on stage at the time which was stated on the program, my seats were in a really good spot, no one's fat head in my way or anything like that. The best part of the night was seeing one my best friends and former housemate, Hayley. I haven't seen her for ages and even though it probably wasn't the best place to try catch up with someone, it was just fantastic to see her and just laugh about anything! Even though I didn't really enjoy the band it was worth going just to catch up with an old friend.

Hayley and I
I would recommend going to the Manchester Arena, it's huge although do be aware that it is sitting and standing. From where I was sat I could see everything! It's central and really easy to get to. Apologies for all my criticism but it really is just my opinion.

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