Monday, 23 April 2012

We've reached nearly all the goals!

Relating back to my first blog post with my goals which I wanted to achieve by the end of the year, I'll just remind you of them.

1) Move out of my parents house
2) Try to get another job (I'm a part-timer at the moment)
3) Book a holiday, somewhere sunny would be lovely
4) Buy a new car, as much as I love the Betty (my Renault Clio) she is getting a little old
5) Like any girl I'd like to try and lose a few pounds
6) Get back into the routine of swimming at least two times a week

I'm actually not doing too badly; I'm definitely on the right road to completing most of the goals on this list by the 31st December 2012.

Number one, moving out of my parent's house, this may be the only goal not to be achieved this year. Moneys tight and also if I stay in my current nursing post I'm guaranteed to have another Christmas at home! Also the bonus of optional weekends and working only Monday to Friday is a great way to convince me to stay longer. This also leads me on to my second point, I am still only part-time but am trying to get extra hours any way in which I can! Mostly nursing agencies, as they give me the flexibility, great pay and I get to keep my current job as I'm not planning on leaving it anytime soon.

Number three, book a holiday. It might not be a sun holiday that we booked but we are going to Somerset for a week in September, I think next year hopefully I'll be working full time and sorted out all my money problems and be able to find and comfortably afford a nice holiday. Croatia *cough cough* I am looking forward to going to Somerset don't get me wrong, I mean I don't have to travel far or wait for hours at airports and more importantly Anthony and I will get some essential time together. He's also promised to take me to the River Cottage canteen too, so I really can't complain.

Buy a new car. Done! I've had it a few weeks now and I really love it, it's a Fiat Punto and his name is Patrick.

My last two goals on this list go hand in hand; I've just started a new fitness plan which includes jogging and swimming along with eating low fat tasty foods. So far so good, I just hope I don't fall off the wagon and be back to square one. I want to be fit before we go to Somerset, also look good in a bikini as we've got a hot tub and my friends from university may well be visiting, let's be honest girls we don't lose weight for men to find us sexy, pressure from other women is a much more intense game. Magazines and television, the pressure for women to be 'hot' is everywhere! I know my friends aren't going to care whether I'm fat or thin but in all honesty I will feel better by not having a flabby belly and for my legs to be more toned. I want to look like this...

It definitely looks although I'm on the right road to achieving all my goals, we'll see how long I keep this diet and fitness thing up for :p

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