Tuesday, 5 June 2012

We have all the films!

Last night I went to the cinema to watch Snow White and the Huntsman. I wasn't sure what to think before I went; I had a feeling that it wouldn't be very good. This was mainly because Kristen Stewart was the main character.

Surprisingly much better than I thought and Anthony didn't mind being there, I thought there was going to be more of a fight to get him into the cinema. The film starts off all lovely, happy royal family and a beautiful kingdom, there is a slight overview at the start although this doesn't go into a great amount of detail. Snow White's mother passes away during the beginning and her father the King remarries and in true fairy tale nature, she's an evil b***** and then becomes queen. Snow White escapes and the film is based around her journey and the battles against the rivalries.

It's great as the film doesn't rely purely on special effects and the cast and crew get a go to show off their acting skills which Kristen Steward really surprised me with after seeing the Twilight Saga and her emotionless acting. The battles are pretty epic and if you don't like battles and sword fighting maybe this film isn't for you as unlike the Disney version there is little romance although there is still a magical element to the story, but not as much as there is rivalry.

Obviously if you're going to watch Snow White you expect dwarfs and you won't be disappointed, they bring an appropriate amount of comedy and make the film slightly less dark. It really is a twist on the Disney version but shouldn't be shrugged off; although not the best film I have ever seen but is worth a watch.

If you're still not sure here's the trailer to have a watch. Enjoy.

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